Pre-Order Policy

Pre-Order refers to a Product currently not in stock. You should submit your order request with a deposit if you would like to secure your stock.

The benefit of purchasing Pre-Order items is to secure your desired stock, to avoid the disappointment of having the item/s sold out when it is listed online.

Demand can be very high at times on certain items and they may sell out completely via Pre Order before stocks are delivered locally.

Frequently Asked Question

What is a Pre-Order?

Pre-order means purchasing an item before it is made available, with the agreement that the item/s will be shipped at a later release date as advised by the Manufacturer (refers to the Product Manufacturer)

Terms of Pre-Order

ETA refers to “Estimated Time of Arrival” which may vary and not guaranteed, subjected to the confirmation of the Manufacturer.

Dates provided by Manufacturers are listed however delays are expected to take place. Kindly note Deposits collected via Pre-Orders are used to secure stock allocations with the Manufacturers, as such pre-orders cannot be cancelled even if delays are substantial. Please take this into account during your order placements.

Our website is updated regularly with the latest ETA as provided by our Manufacturers.

Most of these items are produced in limited quantities. Pre-Ordering ensures that your order for stocks are secured.

What happens when I place a Pre-Order?

Upon receiving your Pre-Order, we will place an order request with the distributor for your item/s. The manufacturer provides a confirmation on the stock allocation, this ensures that the stock is delivered to us when it is ready for shipment.

Why are some Pre-Order shipment dates so far away?

Most Manufacturers produce items in batches according to demands. The manufacturing process takes considerable time as the items are mostly hand-made and painted.

Is the Listed Price the final retail price?

The Listed price is correct at Press/time of print in most cases however prices may vary due to exchange rate variances or revisions in the Manufacturer’s Advertised Price (MAP) under the jurisdiction by the Manufacturers. Sometimes this may work in your favor and sometimes against. When the item is ready for shipment from the Manufacturer, we will alert you of any price revision.

In the event of incremental prices exceeding 20% from the guide price, you may cancel the Pre-Order if you wish to and a full refund will be made on your initial deposit.

Are Pre-Orders guaranteed to arrive?

Most of the time the orders will be fulfilled. On unforeseen circumstances the Manufacturer may sometimes run into production or licensing issues, resulting in very occasional delays.

Pre-Order deposits are made for Collectibles such as XM, HMO, Kinetiquettes, Sideshow, Hot Toys, etc. for any items over SGD200.00; which are non-refundable for any order cancellation.

Balance Payment for Pre-Orders must be settled within 30 days of receipt of the final payment notification before the product can be dispatched to you or unless otherwise stated on your final email notification. If final payment is not made within the stipulated period, we reserve the right to forfeit the deposit and transfer the pre-order to the next customer on wait list.

Please note: Limited Stock / Exclusive items will require payment within 48 hours

What is a Back Order?

Back Orders are normally used on Statues/Action Figures that have been released and available on stock-order replenishments with the Manufacturer.

If a Back Order is not in stock, the product will only be available via a re-order; referred her as a Back-Order Deposit to the Manufacturer in order to guarantee your stock/item, subjected to confirmation.

Back-Order Deposits are fully refundable if the order is not fulfilled within the initial delivery date committed should we fail to secure additional stocks from the Manufacturer.

Pre-Order Policy Disclaimer

In rare cases where a Manufacturers defaults or enters Bankruptcy, our first course of action is to contact the company for a refund. If the company is still in-operations, it may direct you towards its refund procedures and the steps you should undertake. Companies that are not depleted of funds are in a better financial position to make refunds and might even propose alternative repayment methods.

Should the company appear unresponsive or propose an inefficient method for repayment, we will not be liable for any losses incurred but we will do our utmost to assist our customers to resolve the dispute under such circumstances.


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