XM Studios - Thanos (Pre-Order) + Hulk (Ex-Stock)

How it works:

Combo Price: S$1,700.00 (excludes 5% Paypal Fees)

Deposit: S$210.00 via PayPal Products or Services (Thanos)
Balance: S$735.00 via PayPal Products or Services (Thanos)

Immediate: S$840.00 via PayPal Products or Services (Hulk)

*Terms & Conditions:

1. Thanos (w/o coin) cannot be purchased individually;

2. Combo exclude Paypal Fees and Other Charges for International Deliveries;

3. Hulk comes with coin and STGCC 2014 Special with "Stanley Lau - Artgerm" Autograph on Hulk Art print;

4. Customers must collect Hulk first while waiting for delivery of Thanos.

5. Payment can be made to email account directly. A commercial invoice will be generated for buyer's reference thereafter.

Thanos + Hulk (S$1,785)